The Boys Season 3 PROMOTES Claudia Doumit to series Regulars | What could it mean for Victoria Neuman?

The Boys Season 3 Victoria Neuman
Victoria Neuman reveals herself as The Head Exploding Superhuman

Before The Boys season 3, the season 2 finale is making a buzz around the Victoria Neuman character in the show. From the beginning, the character portrayal is as mysterious as it could get. As the lady revealed her supe identity very late, there is a possibility of her returning to the show in a completely new version. Also with the comics including Stormfront and Soldier Boy. So it is most likely to Vought will make a comeback with an all-new team for season 3.

The Boys Victoria Neuman
Supe Congresswomen Victoria Neuman

As soon as the creators announced season 3, speculations started making it to the air. There are lots of theories already around The Boys Season 3. And some of the most possible theories are making it around the return of Victoria Neuman. More action and more dangerous affairs are to be there in season 3 of the most loved superhero story on Amazon Prime.

Some of the fans think Neuman will be the main cheerleader, her powers will get murdered, and Homelander will break down since Stormfront got arrested. Another fan texted on the fan page that Hughie and Mallory will figure out that Victory Neuman is a Supe and will become the point of conflict. The height of The Boys season 3 will be when “the boys” get to know they have been keeping the Supe line alive for a long time

She might bang with new moves and action and openly work for Vought. Throughout season 3 Victoria Neuman works secretly for Vought being a supe herself. But as now season 2 finale revealed her identity there is a possibility of her coming out as a supe in season 3.

New faces will surely be gonna introduced and Jensen Ackles is one such as Soldier Boy. Stormfront character also might be introduced by a new face but there is no confirmation about this as of now.

Although the makers confirm the 3rd season of The Boys but other than that nothing is confirmed yet. The filming itself might start in early 2021 and not before that. So, The Boys Season 3 is not coming really soon. We can expect the show by end of 2021 or the earliest of 2022.