Pia Wurtzbach mom breaks silence, sister resumes rants as family continues heated battles over the internet

Apparently the issue between Sarah Wurtzbach and her family is far from over! It might be escalating, in fact.

According to recent news, Sarah settled her differences with her family.

But now, obviously we know this isn’t true. Her sister, Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, aimed some hot rants against her mother that will leave you wondering who is telling the truth. Her mother, Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, is based in London as of right now.

Sarah uploaded a serious amount of posts concerning abuse of all things. She mentioned being extorted during a chat with netizens. She mentioned she was extorted as a child. Additionally, she mentioned that her mother loved only money instead of her.

When asked “Does your mother pick favorites?” She answered that she did, in a way. According to her, her mother picked money over her every time. These accusations have led to nothing but silence from her mother.

However, the other audience that is involved has not remained silent. There have been accusations on both sides of the set extremes. Fans of the model have accused her of lying and overexaggerating. Her response to this has been less than happy, obviously. Abuse shaming as she deems, has been accused of these fans who have taken her mother’s side. We’re still unsure if these immense accusations are even remotely true or not as of now. There is no actual evidence of what she says being true just yet, although we can expect some to turn up soon as time goes on. As of now however, we will just have to wait.

Appearing just on this receng November 1st, Tyndall denied the allegations of Sarah.

Pia hasn’t confirmed or denied anything vehemently said about thier relashionships. Fans everywhere hope and pray that things will get much better in the famous family.