Some Connecticut, United State Towns are ready for “Phase 2” as the cases of COVID Grow in city.

The coronavirus has spread all over the world, affecting lives. Because of this coronavirus, all life is in danger. It is a hazardous infection. Coronavirus has taken millions of lives. Earlier, when it got just started, the government did not take the situation seriously. But as time passes by, it infected a lot of people as it was increasing day by day, affecting a large number of people. Because of this situation, the government has taken some serious steps so that it can decrease.

Back to phase 2 reopenings of specific places: Complete lockdown

The primary step was lockdown. Now the whole world is under complete lockdown. All schools, colleges, malls, salons, business, MNCs, parks, gyms, private institutes were closed. Even the borders are closed. This occurred in late march for one month. As a result of which,  not even a single person got seen on the road.due to this, poor people have suffered a lot.

Back to phase 2 reopenings of specific places: Government measures

Although the government has arranged a lot of things to support them, that was not enough. The middle-class family somehow manages their living by storing th food. But poor people have got affected a lot. So in March, April, and may, the number of cases increased at a rapid rate. The bed s in the hospital become short. The recovery rate was low as no medicine got discovered.

Back to phase 2 reopenings of specific places: Doctors play a significant role

The doctors play a significant role in this. They work 24 hours for the patients without even going to their homes and meeting their families. They remain loyal to their duty and the country. Slowly and gradually, the government increased this lockdown in 15 days. Because they increased for an extended period, the public might get panic. In August, th government started reopening some shops. But under many terms and conditions. They were allowed to open under a specific period. Likewise, coronavirus got decrease for some time, but due to the reopening of individual shops and businesses, it increased.

Back to phase 2 reopenings of specific places: Reopening of certain places

Now the government has allowed reopening almost everything. Now all the markets, shops, gyms, parks, salons are opened. The people are coming to their everyday life. But the schools and colleges are not opened correctly. But still, the corona patients are increasing day by day. The government of Connecticut, the united states, has given a red alert to the city. Because now the cases have reached more than 1300 till Wednesday.

Back to phase 2 reopenings of specific places: Red zone places

The state has provided the list of red zones. In phase 2 of reopening, the government of Connecticut has allowed reopening some places. Lamont said, addressing the people that we have to take more precautions now the places are reopening. We have to maintain social distance, wear a mask, and carry sanitizers along with us wherever we go.