Netflix Drops Trailer for The Endless Trench (La trinchera infinita): Watch the Trailer Here

The huge streaming service has is ready to drop the 2019 Spanish film. The film is based on a true story and is perfect for a weekend binge session. It is unknown if it will follow the direct plot of what came before, but fans still remain excited for the next installment in this series.

Usually, European movies are great in terms of narration and historical reccollection. No other genre so well potrays history in both brilliant and intense beauty. And to get even more grand, Netflix being the center of it all lets the best amount of audiences see this great show. Nothing like a global audience to watch a good show.

‘The Endless Trench’ (‘La Trinchera Infinita’) is a historical drama ad described above. It’s based on true events, and narrates events of the Spanish Civil War through a single man’s life. US audiences will finally get a taste of this quality content centering around one of the most prominient European Wars in the previous century.

The Endless Trench Release Date Confirmed

The original movie, “The Endless Trench” made it’s debut in theaters across the European continent in 2019, just last year. Now the US audience gets to experience this master depiction in a whole new light when it drops, as confirmed, in February 28th, 2021.

The Endless Trench: Plot In Review

This historical movie’s plot is set in the early 1930’s, during an immense war known as the Spanish Civil War. Originally inspired by the true events of this time, it follows the footsteps and story of a Republican man. The nation at large is being gripped by the rising rule of fascisim. A man is marked to be killed, immensely early in his lifetime, for opposing the powers that be. To save himself and his wife, he hides in his home for a total of 33 years, escaping retribution and death.

The Endless Trench Cast

‘The Endless Trench’ stars Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta and Vicente Vergara as key, prominent lead roles.


The Endless Trench Trailer 2020

You can watch the trailer below: