Body Cam of Applebee’s High Chair Dispute That Got Woman Arrested: Watch how this simple argument led to an arrest

Apparently having a disagreement over some high chairs can get you arrested in Ohio's Applebee's.

A woman was arrested in an Ohio Applebee’s yesterday because of…high chairs? Apparently she had many opportunities to avoid this but didn’t according to the body camera footage.

Shannel Malcolm got into a heated argument with the restaurant staff after being denied two high chairs for her two children. She was seated at a booth seat, and having two high chairs would have created a fire hazard. While she was offered to be seated somewhere else so that this couldn’t be a problem, she denied the help and stubbornly wanted to be seated right where she was. Eventually, things escalated to the point where police got involved.

Watch the video

From high chairs to hand cuffs…that didn’t take long.

There was obviously a big level of distrust that was struck when the police showed up. With all the tension surrounding police brutality and violence at the moment, there is a level of anxiety around officers showing up over simple matters. The employees explained to the officers that having two high chairs at the end of a booth was a danger to the children. It created a fire hazard. The reason the police became involved at all is because she became aggressive with a host who was pregnant.

Shannel became immensely angered and disorderly with the other hosts. Eventually, the police tried to relieve her by simply giving her a ticket, but when she refused this, she was arrested for disorderly conduct. You can see the surprise on her face when the police show up. Obviously Shannel didn’t expect things to get this serious over something as trivial as high chairs.

This much drama over high chairs really shows that people will involve the police in just about anything. Even something as simple as a restaurant disagreement can turn nasty if you don’t comply with what people in power want, apparently.

All that over high chairs.