The hack of among us online social deduction game seems to have been in part politically motivated.

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The hack of among us online social deduction game seems to have been in part politically motivated. Of course, to what and is a subject that should be debated fiercely. Specifically, among us one of the most popular sci-fi social production games of 2020 suffered a major spam attack. the targeted message boards of millions of players. Many of the messages left demanded that players subscribe to a specific YouTube channel. The messages also left threats that if the players did comply all out cyber warfare declared their personal computers. In addition to these demands some of the messages also demanded that the players vote for Tromp. While the US presidential election a fierce point of contention is unclear what this attack has to it.


needless to say, most of the players who were affected by the spam attack were upset. Many of them play the game to get away from the frustrations of the day to day. However, many were also upset that political agendas were being forced upon. of course, that probably only applies to US players. Additionally, the majority of them probably assumed it was an attempt by the Republicans to gain support for the present. However, the likelihood that it was a sanctioned action by the Republican’s is remote. If for no other reason, then that they don’t see the need for such tactics. Also, targeting just one or site would not be enough to affect the election results.

That being said, it’s possible that a rogue element of the Republicans did this misguided act. Of course, there is another possible political agenda at work. That is, the Democrats could be attempting to discredit Trump and Republicans in general. Again this is unlikely simply due to the small nature of the attack. That being said it has definitely caused frustration fueled dislike of the current president by name Association to the attack. That being said, in the US whenever election occurs so much cyber interference takes place to say what is going on. In that respect, is very similar to among us. Though in real life is often difficult to find the intruder.