Munger Bihar Riots: Mob of 1000 people put city on Fire, SP office, Police Stations and public Properties burnt

Munger Riots

Munger Bihar Rampage: People  came out in huge numbers and put the whole city on fire. Public properties including Superintendent of Police Office burnt. The crowd showed anger at the police. It is being told that the police had charged lathi on the public. The public was beaten with sticks in Durga Puja and they were shot.

Bihar Legislative Elections are under commence. So the State is under control of Election Commission. So a lot of Politics is going on this issue.  Munger is put on fire the mob is ruining everything coming in their way.

Nitish Government under alliance of NDA is under questions for Munger Event. The Police of Munger is under a great fear of Mob. The Extra Police force is sent to reinforce Munger Police.

Also the District Megistrate and S.P. of Munger District is Suspended. Now Congress and other opposition parties are questioning Modi Government on this issue.

The Mob Surrounded the city and they are not allowing the External police forces to enter the city.

The Military is needed to control the  sudden outbreak in the city. This riot is increasing minute by minute. If Military will not come in force then whole city will be in the mouth of fire.

Bihar Elections might get affected with this attack and opposition will of course get profit from these attacks. The public is just putting the city and public properties on fire. More than 50  cars and vehicles are burnt in this mob attack.

Nitish Government is failed to control such attack. The Modi government is again under the questions of failure of governance. Mob is not under control of anyone. It’s just creating a ruckus in the city. We are facing a tough time here in Munger Bihar.




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