Celebrate National Cat Day with your purrfect pal: Here are 3 great ways to pamper your cat on this special day

Today is National Cat Day, a day to appreciate your pets, and others around the world. According to the website for National Cat Day, this day was set up not only to celebrate cats, but to help them get out of shelters and find forever homes. Whether you have a housecat or know a cat in need, today is the day to give them a treat and a little more love. You can find more detail about this day on the National Cat Day website.

A great way to celebrate this day is by pampering your furry friends. Whether it is giving them a new toy, or just a little splurging from a new kind of food to try, we know your cat will appreciate the ways you can pamper them listed out below.

1 – Give them an adventure

Cats are predatory animals, and enjoy the hunt instinctively. While they may not be similar to a fearsome tiger or lion, they still enjoy some play every now and again. Play games like fetch with them, it doesn’t matter with what. It could be a dedicated fetch toy or a crumpled up piece of paper, cats typically don’t care what they are chasing, only that they are chasing it. Just make sure that whatever they pursue is something they can safely grip and attack at the end, nothing that will give them splinters or is immensely harmful to digest.

2 – The kitty loves meat

Surprisingly enough (not really) cats don’t prefer to be vegan. A little piece of raw meat will go a long way for your furry friend’s happiness and appreciation of you. Poultry or beef that has been deboned is just fine for them. Not only will it make them happy, but it can improve your kitty’s overall gum and teeth health. Just make sure to give your vet a quick call before changing any cat’s diet drastically, to be safe.

3 – Brush brush brush on National Cat Day

Brushing your cat is a one way ticket to their love, if they are used to brushing. All the things they like about being pet are contained within a brush. Just remember to be gentle, and if a cat doesn’t like it, try not to force it upon them. Some cats, when they are not accustomed to brushing, tend to not enjoy the ritual as much as cats who understand that it’s basically Petting 2.0. You can always tell if a cat is into it if they purr like a small motor.