Among Us Hack: Promotes Trump 2020 InnerSloth Strives to Eliminate Hackers Via Mass Banning

Among Us hack
The hacks going on in Among Us could be among your or my games.

This Among Us hack is taking a toll on the fanbase, in more ways than one. Despite the success of Among Us, there are still some hitches in this thread. While Among Us truly is an enjoyable game, there are people that would love to take advantage of such popularity. It seems that many people were taking advantage of this game’s popularity in the form of a political agenda. Users are taking advantage of the chat rooms in the game in support of Donald trump’s presidential campaign. Some of our most players notice the hack that spammed the chat rooms with trump 2020 over and over again successfully crashing their games and ruining their matches.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump running again for the Presidency, this entire ordeal is either immensely laughable, or no such laughing matter, as we will see later on in this article. While it may seem funny that someone thought it was a good idea to voice and spam their political agenda in a children’s game, the consequences have been not so funny. Additional to the TRUMP 2020 spamming, there have also been threats. The message will host a discord link, as well as a YouTube page link, with threats to “blow up your phone” if you didn’t at least take a look at them.

The Among Us hack, and how you can avoid it.

This hack quickly got word around due to its nature. Many people left the game deeming it unplayable, and InnerSloth definitely had their work cut out for them. A patch is quickly being worked on to obliterate bots like this, but we won’t know how long it will be before this fix actually comes to fruition.

InnerSloth did do one good thing however, in this process. They released an “emergency server update” this week that fixed a popular issue. People were being kicked from their games. This update banned many accounts, both good and bad, in the thousands. However, the hack itself, is still there, and people are wondering when this thing is going to go away. In the meantime, InnerSloth has given advice on how to avoid this Among Us hack. Users should play only with those that they know and trust.

While the issue remains vastly reported on Reddit and Twitter, it is still unknown exactly how the little three man team will deal with this issue.

For more information, check out the InnerSloth Twitter account.