Among Us Hack Forces Players to Share YouTube Channel: Game Developers Respond With Emergency Patch

among us hack
Among Us players might be in trouble because of this crazy Among Us hack.

The Among Us hack has not only ruined games, but may ruin InnerSloth’s business. Among Us has been a great game these last couple months, but a threat to security has many people reconsidering the app’s safety. A security breach in the system has led to malicious hacking throughout stranger lobbies, causing them to go all black and display less than helpful messages in the chat rooms.

As you already have heard by now, Among Us is a popular game with a simple premise. Nine crewmates must get a ship ready for space travel, and one imposter among them (there’s the title!) must kill all the crewmates before they do so. The game has been enjoyed by primarily younger people, since it’s both free and on mobile devices. However, that doesn’t stop the game from getting popular with everyone else. It has had a computer release with things like DLC and a massive player base to support it. While the audience remains primarily young, the game still surges in a kind of popularity that rivals games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Minecraft. However, this Among Us hack, has changed things up.

Among Us HackDisrupts Player Lobbies

Not all has been well on this front of popularity. The popular game has been attacked in recent days, by hackers with more than just malicious intent. They have preyed on the child audience of a relatively innocent game. Additionally, they’ve also banked on the popularity just enough to get a YouTube channel and Discord going.

How to know you’ve been hit by the Among Us hack, and what you can do to prevent it.

This Among Us hack only looks dangerous. It poses no actual danger to your phone, don’t worry.

The hack begins with one big anomaly. Usually when you load into a lobby, you can see the internal of a transport ship. Instead of this, when you are being hacked, you see nothing but a black void. Sounds like a creepy story already doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t end there. When you are in the lobby for even a short time, you’ll begin to see messages in the in-game chatting system that are a little more than unusual. The message sent by the hackers do three things: post a Discord and YouTube link, promote Trump for 2020, and threaten your phone if you don’t share the message to others. To prevent yourself from running into this hack, simply play with only people you know and trust.

The dangers to the young community

The Among Us hack final feature of threatening to “blow up your phone” if you don’t share the links sounds like nothing more than a trivial annoyance. However, this attack is more elaborate than it seems at first. To most people, yes, the hack does achieve in being annoying. However, to the younger crowd, this is a legitimate threat. Because kids are often more gullible, many have fallen for this scam and have shared the YouTube and Discord links. Many kids across the nations have believed the threats that the hackers have made, leading many to deleting the apps altogether for the supposed safety of their phones.

InnerSloth has worked on fixing this problem, but it may prove to be too little too late. The damage has already been done enough. Only time will tell if these hacks will slow down, or maybe even stop all together. Let’s hope, for the sake of this cute little game, that it does.

You can check on updates via the InnerSloth Twitter account.