Lair of the clockwork God finally comes to PlayStation 4 after having been on all the other stations first.

lair of the clockwork God

Lair of the clockwork God finally comes to PlayStation 4 after having been on all the other stations first. It marks the third installment of size 5 games Ben and Dan series. This standalone installment in the series has the two primary characters in an epic adventure. As such knowledge of the previous games is unnecessary for lair of the clockwork God. That being said it still maintain the point and click platform style gameplay of the previous installments.  What’s even more surprising is the amount of time it took to make it to the PlayStation 4. Two months is a long-time interval for releasing design for Xbox one PlayStation 4.


lair of the clockwork God once again has Dan and Ben exploring a two-dimensional world. Of course, their adventure will be filled with laughs and misfortunes worthy of any satire. Specifically, their mission is to prevent all the apocalypses throughout literature and mythology from happening. Specifically, to prevent them happening in exactly the same time. Also, apparently the way to achieve this goal is to show a retro computer what feelings are.  While the story might be a little bizarre and mashed together many critics have said it was a hilarious change.


The player can switch between Dan and Ben in the lair of the clockwork God depending on the situation. However, the player does not control the two characters in the same manner. One is controlled by pointing and clicking the other is a side scrolling platform adventure interface. This means that both characters have different abilities that must be used together to solve puzzles and win. The game saw its initial release for computer platforms in early 2020. this is not surprising given the nature of gameplay. However, it was adapted for use the Nintendo switch and Xbox one and was released for them in September 2020. This makes it surprising that it took so long for the PlayStation 4 version which will release November 4, 2020. however, for those players only have PlayStation force fans of the Dan and Dan series will finally have a chance. That is a chance to play one of the most hilarious games of the year.