Massive Among Us Hack Spams Thousands of Players: InnerSloth Struggles With Numerous Security Breaches

Among Us may be in trouble due to these real life Imposters.

An Among Us hack is on the rise. The immensely popular game keeps getting attacked by hackers everywhere. Testing developers are having a hard time keeping up.

With the dawn of popularity also comes responsibility (not power, popularity. We aren’t in a comic book, unfortunately.) The developers, despite being dedicated, are immensely outnumbered.  This past Sunday, the attacks forced InnerSloth, the company behind all of this, to ban bad players off of the game’s servers. What constitutes the “bad” players from the good ones? A very narrow margin it seems.

Among Us Hack: The Real Imposters are Here


As you already know by now, the internet has repeatedly told you: The game Among Us is of this simple plot. You, and others, are crewmates who are tasked with fixing up a ship in preparation to leave. However, there is one imposter, who, for some lovely reason, wants to kill you all. The imposter has to kill everyone without getting sucked out into the vacuum of space. The crewmates have to survive and complete the tasks they were given aboard this ship, or catch the imposter red handed and sent him packing. It’s a cute little game that I’ve often played with my friends on the computer or on our phones, but what has happened on the hacking scene is far less cute, or simple. This game that’s amassed over five million players has an immense problem of hackers on the front.

Inner Sloth has asked for patient players when it comes to dealing with their Imposter problem. The Among Us hack all began when a username called Eris Loris came onto the scene. Or rather, thousands of Eris Loris’. (Try saying that sentence five times fast.) Thousands were named this name, and the games online were rendered useless due to mindless, motionless, unintelligent bots flooding the inter weavings of the game. Good players who just wanted to play rendered the game as unplayable, and the actual number of active users plummeted.

“So far every single server I’ve joined is hacked by Eris Loris today,” one user wrote on Reddit “I have tried maybe 40-plus games. Not a single one wasn’t hacked within 10-30 seconds.”

InnerSloth rushes to plug the leak, but is it a leak or something more?

Among Us hack
This Among Us hack could spell the end for this lovely game if not taken care of soon.

Then, the rush of fixing this Among Us hack problem began for InnerSloth. Security concerns quickly became an understatement: they had to get to the bottom of this now. As a mobile game, Among Us has a frail fanbase: all it takes is a little inconvenience to completely lose a sect of their audience. Additionally, InnerSloth is a three-man team, making this entire ordeal, while unified, a little much for this tiny crew.

The Among Us hack promotes a message that gives out a Discord server link, a YouTube link, and fills up the entire textbox area of the in-game messaging system.

While the team did acknowledge this hacker immediately, many users still wonder if they are up to the task of stopping such a frontal Among Us hack. Already aside from this, there exist swaths of cheaters, imposter only hacks, and more on the game. Additionally, the programmer of the team, Forest Willard, did admit a weakness in the solution. While the emergency maintenance he did make kicks bad players out, it might kick good players too. He states that this is all for “the greater good” of the game. Now we really do sound like we’re in a comic book, don’t we?

Only time will tell if the efforts that InnerSloth takes will help against these hacks. The nefarious Among Us hack may just win out the day.