WATCH moment Philly officer mowed down by speeding truck during Walter Wallace Philadelphia riots caught on livestream

Philadelphia riots have surged in mass over the shooting of Walter Wallace, a 27 year old black man. One incident of these Philly riots ended with a police officer being mowed down by a speeding truck. The disturbing video was caught and posted to Twitter, where it has gained popularity ever since. The Philadelphia shooting continues to take lives and injure others as both parties demand peace. The shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. was filmed live and has stirred unrest, causing riots in Philadelphia and continuous unrest throughout the state.

Riots in Philadelphia continue to surge as looting, violence, and police brutality rise. Philadelphia news stations as well as social media continue to cover the stories as they emerge in today’s Philly news. The west Philly shooting has amassed at least thousands to witness the shocking videos on Twitter, as protests continue to grip again across America. The man shot in Philadelphia continues to be immortalized both through protests, and violence that impacts businesses and lives with every passing hour.

Police shooting and police violence have increased in Philly over the last two hours. Residents of Philadelphia anticipate more of the same as the stories continue to develop. Riots have lasted days, and continue into this morning since last nights events in west Philly. The Philadelphia protest has been witnessed not only by onlookers on the scene, but by social media. Relevant posts have reached thousands of people around the country as the situation begins to trend and go viral. Philadelphia police continue to attempt to quell the situation on site. No direct statement from the Philadelphia Inquirer has yet been made on the west Philly violence.

The cop mowed down in the above video has yet to be named publicly. It is unknown what injuries he has sustained from the blow with the truck.