Tropical Storm Zeta strengthens as it approaches to northern US Gulf Coast by midweek being the dangerous hurricane.

It got predicted that the tropical zeta will be as dangerous as the [previous storms. Tropical storm zeta will strike by midweek in the northern part of the US gulf coast. According to the national hurricane center; it got predicted that it will take the shape of a hurricane. This will happen before moving over the Yucatan Peninsula.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens :Directions storm has taken

According to the forecasters, they predicted the directions and waves of the storms. It got found that in Mexico, the storm was spinning about 175 miles southeast. It is predicted that it will have about  70 mph wind speed. Tropical storm zeta got strengthened on Sunday with a speed of 2mph. It moves along the north northwest direction and got expected to enhance more and it is expected to take different directions till few days.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens: Storm gotten worse 

It got expected that till Wednesday, it will have faster motion in the north northwest direction and approach the northern gulf coast. The winds of the storm got expected to strengthen up to 115 miles. Tropical zeta storm is one of the dangerous storms that will come from Louisiana to Florida.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens: Till recorded storms

As recorded, there are 27 storms from which four are most dangerous and significant with the wind speed of at least 111 mph.at 5 pm. The directions and locations of zeta got recorded. It got found to be at the western part of cube about 305 miles south-southeast. It got the speed of winds about 50 mph.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens :Safety measures taken by people

The people from Yucatan Peninsula to Tulum to Rio Lagartos, including Cozumel, got informed about this hurricane to take proper safety measures. The Mexican government has taken all the necessary precautions so that no one got harmed.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens: According to the forecasters report

 According to forecasters’ reports, it got said that it will take the northwest direction till few days. Zeta will pass through the southern part of western Cuba, and on Monday evening, it will give from the northern Yucatan Peninsula. On Tuesday, it will finally reach the central Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens :Past storms recorded till yet

Zeta could likewise break the record for the most named cyclones to make landfall in the mainland United States in a solitary season, on the off chance that it turns into the eleventh to do as such. Past tempests were Bertha, Cristobal, Fay, Hanna, Isaias, Laura, Marco, Sally, Beta, and Delta.

Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens: 27th hurricane of Louisiana

It is the 27th named tempest of a bizarrely busy Atlantic tropical storm season. In a warning on Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said that Zeta “could be at or just underneath hurricane quality” when it hits the Gulf Coast on Wednesday. In a warning on Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said that Zeta “could be at or just underneath tropical storm quality” when it hits the Gulf Coast on Wednesday.