Pennsylvania teen, Jason Albert Kutt, got fatally shot while watching sunset at lake with girlfriend.

A weird incident happened a boy named Jason Albert Kutt of 18 years old, got shot. The boy lives in the Nockamixon State Park. The incident happened at 5:15 pm. According to the District Attorney Matt Weintraub, this happened on Saturday.
According to the report, the incident happened when he spent time with his girlfriend in the park. All of a sudden, he got shot from the back of his neck. There was not even a sign that this could happen.

Jason Albert Kutt’s dead in a gunshot: About the incident

When taken a statement from his girlfriend, she said they were spending some quality time with each other without any disturbance. They were enjoying the sight of seeing near the lake. Both of them were not in any fight or any violence, which can be related to this. She wanted to help him in any way, but she got frozen. She also added that she saw a man in the suit of hunters. He was standing at the old ridge road; she said that he was standing behind the yellow door.

Jason Albert Kutt’s dead in a gunshot: A statement from attorney

According to the attorney, he said currently, they don’t know the exact reason for this shooting, but they want to get thoro with this case. They want to go deep and want to know how Jason Albert kutt died. Because if they talk about the distance between man and Jason and his girlfriend was 550 feet.

According to the attorney, although shooting is allowed in that area, it is not allowed to shoot a child. The boy was wearing the brim of bright orange colour along with the black hat. He is about 6 foot, 3 tall. Attorney also said that whosoever has done this mishappening should surrender himself. Otherwise, the police have to take strict actions. If he surrenders himself, he might get less punishment; otherwise, he will have to pay for this.

Jason Albert Kutt’s dead in a gunshot: He was dead on the spot.

The district attorney said they would indeed find the man behind this shooting and the reason behind this incident because such cases have never happened before the shoot. Jason Albert Kutt got to the hospital, where the doctors tried to help him. But unfortunately, he was dead on the spot. He got to the hospital named St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.

Jason Albert Kutt’s dead in a gunshot: About Jason Albert kutt

We got to know that Jason Albert kutt was such a humble boy who was only 18 years old from all the social sites. The boy has his whole life ahead. He loved his family, and he also loves to play the guitar, and he loved his girlfriend and loved to spend time with her. Addition to this, he was such a generous, humble, and kind-hearted child that he couldn’t even think of hurting anyone.