Oscar Pistorius Documentary Trailer Released: BBC hit with massive backlash for ignoring Reeva Steenkamp

BBC has announced it is releasing a new upcoming documentary about Oscar Pistorius following the height of the South African athlete’s career, and his fall from grace. However. the trailer for the documentary has been immensely criticized for the way it frames Pistorius’ story. It failed to mention the name of Riva Steenkamp, the athlete’s late partner who was killed in 2013 . In December of 2015 it was reported that Pistorius’ name had been convicted with the murder after shooting his girlfriend dead on Valentine’s Day of that year.

Pistorius claimed that he didn’t realize his partner was in the bathroom when he fired at the closed door mistaking her for an intruder. However following the period of appeal in South Africa a judge ruled that the athlete should have been aware that shooting anyone behind a closed door with would have resulted in their death. Before the incident he had been reaping the rewards of successful athletic career, winning Paralympic medals and becoming the first amputee runner to complete at the Olympics Oscar. Pistorius left High Court in 2016 in South Africa. Since his death there has been much speculation over whether the incident was an accident or not. The speculation is explored in the new series directed by Daniel Gordon. Several people on Twitter called out the trailer released by BBC for its portrayal of the main character. They believe that he was framed wrongly, and that his accidental killing was no accident. According to Twitter people say that Reeva was indeed killed and it wasn’t an accident.

‘The framing of this is heinous and is justifiably going down like a cup of cold sick. Do better,’ one person said.

‘Her name was Reeva and he killed her. That’s why he was on trial. I am appalled at the title and that you think he’s worthy of a documentary. Her name was Reeva Steencamp,’ another user stated.

You can watch the trailer below: