More than 136,000 OG and E customers without power: Ice storm hits Oklahoma as outages flucuate

Today in Oklahoma city, OG&E crews are working hard to restore the power after a recent ice storm caused massive power outages across the state of Oklahoma. According to the OG&E system watch, more than 136 thousand customers don’t have power as of 9:20 AM this Tuesday.

Oklahoma City has the current most reported power outages, with the system watch showing more than 84 thousand customers without power. In Norman, more than 20 thousand still don’t have power even now. While officials are trying to restore power to customers, it is uncertain when the power will actually be coming back.

A full list of outages on OG&E’s system watch.

Ice accumulation on trees with foliage seems to be the problem according to OG&E officials. The primary cause of outages is being addressed by more than one thousand linemen, tree trimmers, and support team members all working this morning.

Damages are extensive, so no recovery time estimate is available at this time.

Several downed powerlines have been reported across the area. Many are reported near Northwest 122nd Street and MacArthur and Northwest 31st Street. Many other outages have also been reported near North Sara Road. It is uncertain which areas will be addressed first, if at all in any order this morning. Over 75 thousand people are reported as of now to be without power due to the massive falling of trees due to both water, and the heavy snow and ice that is causing them to fall.

A second tweet detailing the outages is below.

Due to this early ice season, the transition has been rough on the local trees in Oklahoma. Ice accumulating faster than normal has caused the now frail trees to break down even faster. The result is fallen trees that obstruct power lines, daily life, and now thousands of people’s power. Mild flood waters due to the melting ice have also been reported in the above listed town streets.

This is currently a developing story, and we will post more updates as time goes on.