Orthodox Jews for Trump | Several rallies planned in support of Trump ahead of the elections |

Orthodox Jews come out in Trump's support
Orthodox Jews come out in Trump's support

President Trump is still going strong in his pre-election debates after having treated from the corona virus. The US President is still as energetic as ever just 10 days ahead of the US Presidential elections. Rallies supporting the US President are still on the rise all around the US.

Orthodox Jews come out in support of Trump

Just like the last Presidential elections, many noted personalities have openly proclaimed that they are going pro-Bidden this time.Even the Jews seem to be thinking along the same lines. Even a poll undertaken by a famous American magazine has claimed that around 83% of the Jews are not going to vote for Trump this time.

These statements might make it feel like Trump’s likeliness to be the next President is very low. But statements from the orthodox Jewish counterparts seem to prove otherwise.par A lot of the Jewish rabbis (Jewish teachers), too, have been effectively praising Trump in their letters published in various magazines. In their letters, the rabbis have duly lauded President Donald Trump’s authority in batting Covid-19 in the country. They wrote that they were most impressed by Trump announcement of keeping the houses of worship open, deeming them as ‘essential’.

Upcoming rallies in support of President Trump

Rallies in Trump's support
Rallies in Trump’s support

In spite of its severe dangerous nature, corona virus has not been able to prevent any of the election rallies being held in the United States. Supporters from both side have been taking part in these rallies to show their support for their beloved leaders.

The number of rallies supporting Trump has seen a spike after the orthodox Jews openly spoke of their support to President Trump. Trump’s supporters conducted four of these on Sunday alone. The increasing rallies in support of Trump  have also been noted as quite unnecessary by many of the opposition, taking in view the current situation of the corona pandemic.