Macron’s anti-Islamic comments stirs outrage | French President slammed | #BoycottFrenchProducts trends all over

French President Macron's anti-Islamic comments stir outrage
French President Macron's anti-Islamic comments stir outrage

In a recent turn of events, the French President has been slammed all over for his nonsensical comments on the Islamic community. Since then, Macron has faced a lot of lashing out by many imminent politicians and other important personalities.

President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamic comment

Just a few days ago, Emmanuel Macron took a sly dig at the followers if the Islamic religion. He went on to speak of Islam as a ‘separatist religion’. He even went on to say that the Islams tend to take control over their communities in and around France. Macron also went on to the extent of referring to Islam as a religion in crisis.

Not stopping at even this, President Macron also justified the publications of Prophet Muhammad’s demeaning caricatures.

Reception to Macron’s comments

Macron’s comments immediately spark a fire in all the Islamic communities, and also a lot of the others. People are calling in to ban French products. #BoycottFrenchProducts is legit trending all over social media. And countries such as Egypt and Turkey are actually implementing this ban. Many other countries have also been rumored to follow suit.

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also took to Twitter and called out Macron for his offensive comments. He remarked that Macron is the exact opposite of an ideal leader- a leader that unifies his people. Khan also gave the Twitterati a glimpse into his letter to the Facebook CEO requesting a ban on Islamophobia.


The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also questioned Macron’s mental stability in regard to his comments. He says that Macron has not achieved anything for the country or himself, also stressing on treating Macron’s mental health soon.

But the French President’s stand on his comments yet remain unchanged. He still stands by his stern comments on Islam after being rebuked for the same.