The game “Chinatown Detective Agency” is launching in 2021 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch!

The game Chinatown Detective Agency is the most anticipated one. Everywhere on the world, fans are pausing and are becoming hopelessly enamoured with Chinatown Detective Agency’s reason and craftsmanship style. It includes electronic – noir experience and fun. It tells about a young lady who is a previous operator named Amira Darma.

About: Chinatown Detective Agency

Later on, Singapore is an investigator for hire. In this game, you can gather proof, converse with witnesses, and investigate the world. This game is chip away at a point-and-snap experience, and furthermore,, you can sort out what’s happening. It is an analyst experience game in advanced Singapore.

In a world on edge in 2032, Amira Darma starts her globe-running, intrigue fuelled experience. Beginning with the excursion, her first customer showed up through the entryways of Chinatown Detective Agency.

She meets the eye to eye with three customers:

  • The fixer Rupert Zhou
  • The kingmaker Tiger Lily,
  • The reformer Keeran Iyerc

Each of them, with their accounts and privileged insights divulging a worldwide trick.

The suspense is not over yet. You need to have patience and see what conspiracy will come. You’ll become acquainted with the beginnings of a worldwide scheme, meet the cast of the game that contain voiced character, use examination and examination for illuminating the brave puzzle, and a lot more like these.


Launch: Chinatown Detective Agency

The very first moment of Chinatown Detective Agency is the game’s beginning, which is aspiring, immense, and exceptional full insight. Designer General said even Amira needed to confront numerous challenges right off the bat; still, she figures out how to get her city back.

It is a substantial free preamble, neon-soaked dispatching in 2021 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. It is presently accessible for free on Steam. You’ll get the chance to illuminate cases with this present reality, and in the quest for signs and hoodlums, you will venture to the far corners of the planet and deal with your time and group.

Check out the fully voiced launch trailer here: https://youtu.be/3NH8rk2lmno