North Korea unveils large intercontinental ballistic missile at military parade! Read to find out more!

North Korea has recently presented the world with its newest creation, the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICMB) at a military parade. The recent missile discovered is said to be the largest Pyongyang that the world has seen. The event was a successful display of new missiles and troops. Let’s find out more about this new weapon which already has the upper hand in the Armory.

Melissa Hanman said that ‘This missile is a monster’!

The deputy director of the Open Nuclear Network, Melissa Hanman, said that the new weapon is a total show-stealer. North Korea even displayed the Hwasong-15, the longest range missile so far. It seems to have taken the disguise of a submarine shaped missile. The military parade is a symbolic ritual. It marks the 75th anniversary since the ruling Workers’ Party was founded. This day was also the first time when Kim Jong Un presented the weapons to President Trump when the two met for a rather unsuccessful denuclearization summit in 2018. Kim said that the party will always try to defend the country’s socialism and sovereignty. Kim mentioned that they have already started to strengthen the war deterrent. North Korea is a country under threat by the international forces as well as coronavirus that has immensely affected the economic status.

Lastly, Kim said that the party would fearlessly continue doing the righteous work while protecting the lives and dignity of the people, leaving a prosperous land of opportunities for the next generations to come. Kim shall keep the country safe and away from war. Let’s all hope so that there comes peace without hindrances.

The military parade featured the newly launched missiles as well as troops marching with each other to portray military strength. Trump has already conducted two summits with Kim in an attempt to focus on his nuclear arsenal. However, both fell apart over disagreements about the sanctions relief.