Tiffany Trump admits that Daddy Donald has always remained “Socially Distanced” from her on SNL!!

Hello, gorgeous people! After the big birthday bash in Miami, Tiffany Trump is getting trolled everywhere, especially when papa Trump got infected with the same coronavirus. The world still trying to find a cure for the virus, Tiffany did not stop being a party animal, but it was the poor girl’s birthday. Well SNL took it pretty seriously and poked the bear in the same old fashioned way. Let’s find out more!!


SNL poked the Trumps with sneaky roleplaying!!

Tiffany Trump becomes a liability for the Trump campaign after she indulged herself into a full-blown beach party in Miami. It was supposedly her birthday bash. With just two weeks left for the presidential election, Chloe Finman took this opportunity to roast the Trumps. On Saturday’s late live show, Chloe essayed the role of Tiffany Trump in the hilarious way possible. Chloe, who played the role of 27-year-old Tiffany mockingly said that the media is getting a field day now that she indulged herself in a ‘maskless party’ in a Miami Beach amidst the pandemic. She further said that the whole world is out to get her now because she partied while daddy Trump at 74 is recovering from covid-19. Chloe, the new Tiffany, also said that she is just the stepchild and Daddy Donald always kept his distance from her.

According to the sources, Tiffany is the daughter of Marla Maples. Marla was the second wife of Donald Trump and got divorced in 1999. Donald Trump and Tiffany Trump share a very rocky relationship. According to Tiffany, he always kept her at a distance with or without the pandemic. It turned her into this loud sorority kid in the block who is willing to be seen and heard. Colin Jost and Michael Che also took part in the fun fiasco. They essayed the role of Tiffany’s estranged brothers, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump. Chloe was all in her character sitting next to her brothers when she said being a stepchild lets you fade out from the family picture. It turns out that the SNL version of the Trump family did not get the chance to meet in person. That’s all for now, folks!