“The Amnesia, The Dark Descent” trades “sanity” for a strange illness inspired by Soma!! Here’s the details about the game!

All over the world, fans are waiting and are falling in love with the Amnesia. From the release of Amnesia, which is the frictional game, is about to release. We are just a few weeks away. The developers who are not revealing the facts and being coy about specifics have finally released a five-minute gameplay trailer and shared some of the overhauled mechanics set at launch.

About: The Amnesia, The Dark Descent

The Amnesia, The Dark Descent, is an adventure masterpiece game. It is a Lovecraftian tale in which the players bows in front of their enemies. The enemies are ruthless, and the players cant fight in a world full of vivid, eerie grotesquerie.

 In yesterday’s gameplay trailer, we can see too much of darkness, horror things hiding behind the doors that will not open quickly. The players can use matchsticks to lit up the light sources at the same time. The twist is those matchsticks can blow off if the players move fastly. So they are forced to stroll.

Trailer: The Amnesia, The Dark Descent

The trailer shows the journey of the protagonist character of the game. The protagonist is the Tasi Trianon’s “harrowing” whose journey continues in the 1930s through the Algerian desert. He wakes up in the castle of Prussian without any memory. He only has the letter which was only written by himself. He goes deeper and deeper into the castle . He saw howling flesh-monsters and his memories were haunting him.

Creative director Thomas Grip of this frictional Amnesia shows more details Over the PlayStation Blog. He shares the secret of The Dark Descent to create a more modern – and more terrifying – experience. Trianon’s worsening condition also ties into Amnesia: Rebirth’s “failure system.it is determined when the players overcome the monster. The grip says the changes that are visible to her appearance.

The affection will take the life of her and also the loved ones. Isn’t it very complicated and exciting? So stay tuned for further story.