Saturday Night Live sketch sees “Issa Rae” voting for Everybody Black excluding Kanye West!!

Issa Rae, American actress, writer and producer appeared on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ and said the most dubious thing. She said that ‘vote for everybody Black’ but ‘F’ Kanye West! What’s this all about? Why the sudden hatred toward Kanye West? Fans did not take it so well. Keep reading to know what happened on the late-night show, folks!

Issa Rae is walking on blurry lines!

On the October 17 episode of the show, guest and host Issa Rae made this preposterous comment. She played the role of a lawyer for the NAACP. For those who do not know whats, NAACP then let me give you a brief about it. In the year 1909, the ‘National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’ got established. Till date, it stands for the largest and most eminent civil rights organization in the nation. Coming back to Issa Rae’s sarcastic statement on a live show then what was it really about? Is this some personal vendetta that she harboured against Kanye West? Coincidentally Kanye West appeared as the Vice Presidential candidate on several ballots.

The sketch also included Kenan Thompson as the “Your Voice Chicago” moderator talking with Rae’s Jamele Demmings and Ego Nwodim as a journalist, to some extent appeared to be a play on Rae’s notorious remark, ‘rooting for everybody Black’. Her frantic comments raised several brows. However, with the sketch ongoing, it became apparent that her goal was simple and precise. She wanted to fight for the black rights and voting for the black candidates would slowly but gradually bring about the kind of change the black community deserves.

Change is only the beginning!

Issa Rae went on explaining that for too long, their people and voices remained null and void. The Black community deprived of opportunities and fundamental rights. It’s about time. It’s only fair that a young black woman running for a local office with no experience coming from an inferior background gets the chance to stand up for herself and our community. But on the other hand, rooting for a billionaire of the same won’t do anybody no good. She tried explaining that what would a rich person anyway know about their circumstances. You don’t see something as a problem unless you are affected by it. Money is a corruptive agent that eats up the whole system and delays justice.

That’s why Issa backed up hearing that the Black candidate was a billionaire. She wants people to be more passionate about politics. To bring about change, one has to see through the deep-seated reasons behind them. When Thompson said that women were unemployed, Rae’s Demmings, inspiringly told that then we need to pull them up, provide them opportunities. In the end, Rae thanked everybody and SNL for bearing with her, and she asked everybody to go out and vote for the right reasons!