Respawn’s “Battle Royale Apex Legends” is LAUNCHED!! The developers have assured that cross-progression will come soon!!

The gamers must be waiting for a long time to launch respawn’s battle Royale apex legends. The excellent news cross-play will arrive on October 6th with new limited-time .it is first announced back in June, and now the developers have finally announced its launched date.

The player’s feature is demanding EA and Respawn to add to the battle Royale game is the only cross-play that is apex legends. Regardless they are on the same platforms., They can play with or against each other.
Ramper-lead video is loved by all, which is in the style of a shopping network. So here is the event that cross-play beta drops announcing the launch of the game.

About the game: Royale apex legends

It can play on play station, Xbox One, and pc platforms. Thus means all the tree players can play against each other for the first time. As you can take your console account with your pc or vice-a-versa, here you cant do that. But the director of chad Grenier says that you can have full access to cross-play. That means you can collect data, test the feature, and, importantly, can listen to your fan’s feedback. Isn’t it exciting!!


No cross-progression: Royale apex legends

That means in the game, you can add your friends on which platform you are playing can be indicated, but cross-progression is not supported. You can find your friend using the tool “find a friend” and play against them. Even in the game, the chatbox will work for cross platforms. The developers have assured that cross-progression will come soon, but it will take some time.


Event: Royale apex legends

When the game got played for the first time, the cross-play feature will get enabled. You can also turn it off. It depends on you. As you know, you can add your other friends irrespective of whether they are playing on the same platform. You can add them just by searching their name. Players can also earn cosmetic, and new skin in  Apex Legends hosted in Aftermarket Collection Event. All the best gamers and play well!!