Paulina Porizkova spends final hours in home she shared with Ric Ocasek saying, “I never cried as much as I have in the last year!”

Love has a way of finding you. It often meets you at your worst and turns around your life. Well, no harm if love knocks on the door at your best too. But sometimes, love comes and goes unannounced. What should you do then? Reminisce your old memories and be happy that they happened. People come and go, but life goes one. That should be the spirit. Paulina Porizkova, the famous model, spends her last hours in the brownstone, which she and Ocasek turned into a home. Read more to find out what she had to say for her lost beloved!!

Paulina met Ocasek, and love just happened!

Love is a beautiful thing, and as I said, it comes announced. Something similar happened to Paulina Porizkova. Paulina met Ocasek in 1984 on the sets of ‘Drive.’ She was just 18 years old. She started her career as a model. The beautiful Paulina was an upcoming star of the future who met the love of her life that very same year.

Age is never a factor when it’s about love (only if you are legal and 18)!

Ocasek was 39 when he met her. He was also married to his second wife. The two shared around 21 years of an age gap. Ocasek fell in love with her, and they both hit it off pretty naturally. His marriage fell apart, and he officially got divorced by 1988. Just the next year, Paulina and Ocasek decided to get hitched, and they did. They got married at St Bart’s. However, just before the wedding, the two bought the brownstone in Gramercy Park neighbourhood in New York. Paulina and Ocasek raised their two sons Jonathan and Oliver, right in that house. A beautiful story with a fairytale ending. That’s what we would think at this point. Life doesn’t always give you the perfect ending you want. But that’s okay too.

In May 2018, Paulina officially announced that the two had taken different roads in life. It is a peaceful and mutual decision. The most decorated and sophisticated NYC pair who were madly in love once got separated after all this time. This came as a shock to everybody. But the separation did not mean that they weren’t there for each other. The two continued making public appearances and living in the same house where they built their lives together. However, in early 2019, the pair put their house for sale in the market.

The same year around September, Ocasek dies naturally of heart disease. He was 75 and recovering from surgery. Paulina discovered him in his bedroom. Ever since then, she has been grieving over her loss. She spends the last few hours at the brownstone home they built together as a family. But with shared love and friendship, there was still some bitterness hidden underneath. Ocasek felt that she abandoned him while she felt that such a huge age gap was a factor for their separation. However, Paulina shared her grief over her ex-husband’s death via Instagram and social media posting. That’s all for now, folks!