Kelly Ripa left solo on the “Morning Show” after Ryan Seacrest bailed! What happened to Ryan and what did Kelly do?

Have you heard of the show Live with Kelly and Ryan? Didn’t you? Well, this is the most talked-about show. The fantastic duo of Kelly and Ryan hosts the hottest American morning talk show. Something strange happened when Ryan chose to walk out of the show without telling his co-host, Kelly. What was Kelly’s reaction like? Read to know more about what happened to Ryan and what did Kelly do!

Let’s go live but with Kelly alone!

The format of the show is straightforward and comforting. The hosts are symbolically husband and wife(well, not real), and they have their coffee mugs out and chit chat about what’s going on. The whole idea of hosting guests and having random conversations is in itself very comforting. It is one kind of show that people can easily watch at leisure and enjoy without critically analyzing something. The show received enormous viewership as well as awards for best show and hosts. The unscripted on-air show is always exciting to watch, followed by a ‘Travel Trivia.’ A random home viewer is called from the show to answer a question. The winner gets goodies exciting rewards.

But this time, something strange happened. Kelly is left all by herself to host the show. With co-host Ryan Seacrest missing in action, Kelly was suddenly assigned to host the show all alone with Ryan. According to the sources, Kelly was baffled initially and agitated to see her co-hosts absence. The dynamic duo has always gone live together, and for the first time, it was only Kelly as much as the thought of it was unnerving. She walked up high and hosted the show. She also looked gorgeous and confident. She showed the world why she is getting the big bucks. She was perfectly capable of navigating the show.

Kelly was phenomenal!

The reason for Ryan’s absence was eventually revealed. According to many, Ryan either took a day off, and some even theorized that he might be sick. Officially there is no confirmation yet. On the other hand, Kelly isn’t very thrilled in knowing the reason for his MIA because early morning, the bomb dropped on her that she has to go LIVE alone! We couldn’t take our eyes off Kelly. She not only nailed the show with absolute finesse but also hosted the star Sara Gilbert. The two talked about ABC’s latest sitcom, ‘The Conners.’ As much as it irked the eye to see Kelly alone, but as the show went along with its usual segments and style, we barely noticed Ryan Seacrest’s absence.

Strangely over the weekend, Ryan posted an intense cardio session on Instagram. What’s this all about? Does Ryan want to leave the show? Well, this wouldn’t affect Kelly much. She already passed the radar of ‘high and dry.’ Ripa even sarcastically commented on Ryan’s Instagram feed. So, far we have no confirmation if Ryan is quitting the show or whether the duo hit some road bumps. However, the fans were concerned about how Kelly is doing all by herself, but she is just fine from what we see.