Bolivians witness a crucial moment as election night rolls on without results! The status suggests a clear win for the Socialists!

Do you know what’s currently happening in Bolivia? Bolivians are anxious to know the results of this year’s presidential elections after the massacre in 2019. This year’s election was a do-over for last year’s supposed fraudulency in the elections. Read to know more about the polls and who is ahead in the presidential election this year.


Bolivians witness a crucial moment!!

On Sunday, as the polling began, the Bolivians thought this to be the means of restoring justice once again. Last year there was a reported ballot void, putting the Andean nation in jeopardy, eventually ending the rule of Evo Morales. Morales ruled Bolivia for almost 14 years. They were removed from power due to a fraudulent election in 2019, leading to a lot of violent protests in the nation. Although the voting went on smoothly, the people started guessing what’s about to happen. Socialist leader and President Evo Morales fled to Argentina and remained in exile after the electoral fraud in 2019. Centrist and former president Carlo Mesa already cast his vote on La Paz. He was running second after Luis Arce from Morales’ party in the pre-election polls.

Meanwhile, the interim president Jeanine Anez of Bolivia requested the citizens to remain patient. She also assured the people of fair and just results. Jeanine Anez also said that she does not wish to repeat any violent or unpleasant event from last year. Luis Arce also mentioned that if we were to follow democracy, then the rivals have no chance of winning. The only way the rivals can win this is by indulging in unfair means like last year. The voting is crucial for Bolivia as it continued even amidst the pandemic.

The current polling status suggests a clear win for the Socialists!

Bolivia’s electoral tribunal announced that this time they wouldn’t make the short projection of results and wait until all the ballots are counted and tallied correctly. If the socialists win, this would be a vast defining moment for Bolivia and lead to a power reversal. The exit poll by the firm Ciesmori showed that Arce had asserted 52.4 per cent of the vote, contrasted with Mesa’s 31.5 per cent and Camacho’s 14.1 per cent. A subsequent second poll by a gathering of colleges and Catholic organizations demonstrated fundamentally the same as figures, giving Arce 53 per cent and Mesa 30.8 per cent. That’s all for now, folks!