Beach Boys’ original lead vocalist Mike Love performance at “Trump Fundraiser” grabbed the attention of the other two Beach Boys!!

Fans of the Beach Boys, we have some news that you ought to know, but if you don’t, then let me bring you up to speed. Trump has officially divided the Beach Boys, at least politically. Here’s how! Read to know more about what the other boys, Wilson and Jardine, had to say about it.

Performance at the Trump Fundraiser:

Mike Love’s performance grabbed the attention of the other two Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, and Al Jardine. The original band broke up ever since their last band anniversary performance in 2012. However, Mike Love continued performing with the band name without the boys. Wilson and Jardine reportedly said that they had nothing to do with the performance that Mike Love promised for the Trump Fundraiser. Brian and Al openly said people should boycott his show.

They also mentioned that they had no idea and were never informed until they read about the show in Times’. Brian and Al even said that they do not want to associate their names with this fallacy. It is a mockery of their brand, ‘Beach Boys.’ Strangely, the politically divided group had already broken ties internally as well. Mike Love is a huge supporter of Trump. He also has the license to perform with the touring band under the ‘Beach Boys.’ Trump is significantly behind in the polls, and in an attempt to not lose to Joe Biden in the fundraiser, he hired Mike Love to perform. Trump’s idea of collecting campaign funds via Mike’s performance at Newport Beach, California, did not do much well. According to the reports, the ticket costs around $2,800. Much controversy around a fundraiser cannot help Trump win enough funds to support his campaign. Already Wilson and Jardine made it pretty clear that they had nothing to do with the Trump Benefit or Mike Love.

On the other hand, Mike has performed several times for Trump even before. In 2017, Mike Love performed for Trump’s inaugural ball. That is not all! Mike never said anything derogatory or damaging about Trump ever. We wish Trump our best, but even that won’t be sufficient for him this time. That’s all for now, folks!