“Maki is Missing”: Police search for ‘highly endangered’ ring-tailed lemur stolen from San Francisco Zoo!!

The beautiful San Francisco zoo with the most endangered animals got covered with bountiful gardens and plentiful plants. There are more than 1000 animals and more than 250 species. To state a few African Savanna, Gorilla Preserve, Grizzly Gulch, Cat Kingdom, Penguin Island, Red Panda Treehouse, and many more species and animals.

Maki is missing: About Maki.

The ring-tailed lemur is one of the only specifies of lemur. Its physical features include a long, black, and white ringed tail. It is the highly social animals and most vocal primates. It is one of the rarest species of five lemur families who belong to Lemuridae.

He is the most adorable animal. When he is sitting in a yoga position in the zoo with the sunlight pouring on him, he looks just beautiful. He requires a significant diet. He is one of the striking lemurs who exceeds the life expected of 16.7 years. It is sporadic to see such cases, but due to age, he can’t move fast, so there are chances to catch him fast.

Maki is missing: Incident and Police statement.

They announced that a 21-year-old lemur, a very endangered species, was stolen in confirmation with police. It is necessary to find Maki as Maki is one of the dangerous animals and can harm familiar people. He needs to give special care. There are also rumours that they got banned in California. In California, you cant keep a lemur as a pet.

According to San Francisco Police Department officers, they are appealing and requesting people if they have any information regarding him, so they must inform them to reach. According to the sources, it is not the first that animals got stolen from the San Francisco Zoo. Thirty-two years old named Isaac, which was the oldest ring-tailed lemur, also got stoled.

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