Blackpink’s origin story started long before the group’s public debut in 2016!! From their audition in “YG Entertainment” to the heights of success!!

Blackpink is a group of girls who are musicians. They formed a group and named Blackpink in the k-pop-industry.In the conformity with the billboard, these girls did they got auditioned in YG Entertainment.

Blackpink’s Origin Story: About girls

The girls of this group are Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé. These four girls have the best voice. They also have other names for their fans. That is blink, which means ‘Bl’ in ‘Black’ plus the ‘Ink’ in ‘Pink.’. Within a few years, they got hundreds of millions of fans over Twitter. They were appreciated by people worldwide. People love the voice of these girls.

Blackpink’s Origin Story: YG industry

YG Entertainment is a kind of firm that sign up with young people, and then keep them as “trainees” they train them there, teach them how to perform, gain confidence, and polish them. Enhance their personality, communication skills, and they turn them into a celebrity or some pop-star.

There they give them meticulous, diligent, and conscientious training in fields like dance, music. They all undergone various failures and successes before their eventual debut in 2016.

Blackpink’s Origin Story: Recognized

It got believed that the group was identified by people later, but it got made much early. According to the sources, it got recognized in 2016. There were many rumours about these girls as the industry has released their pics but without their name.

Finally, in 2016 the firm has confirmed the group’s formation with the release of girls’ names, which will form the group called Blackpink. According to one of the NetFlix film Blackpink: Light Up the Sky.

It shows how this extraordinarily talented group of girls has undergone training and how they can reach the heights of success. Once again, they had reached the international platform too when their song Whistle” and “Boombayah got released. The story of Blackpink got started like this.

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