Amber alert issued for 2-year-old Michigan little kid who got kidnapped from his home!! All you need to know about incident!!

It is said that a kid is absent from the Lansing territory was kidnapped from his home. He got threatened by the man who is tall and robust with a dark complexion. The police jumped on high ready, and all are looking for the boy. The police are on amber alert for this 2-year-old Michigan boy. He threatened to harm the little boy and kidnapped him after that. If you have any suspect or any piece of the information about this youngster can inform the police department as soon as possible so that the small child can be rescued soon.

 The missing boy of  2-year-old: Child Identity.

 The name of the kid was Javon Washington. He was long term old kid with an excellent appearance and dark hairs. His weight was assessed as 2o lbs and said to be 2 feet in length in tallness. He was captured from his home on Monday.

 The missing boy of  2-year-old: Suspect Identity

It was said that the man broke into his home and captured him. The man named was Phoenix Washington who was around long term old. His appearance was very dim. His stature was around 5’5 feet, and his weight was assessed around 160 lbs.

 The missing boy of  2-year-old: Research Of Police

As indicated by the police, it is said that Phoenix Washington broke into the house and attempted to undermine the little kid. The kid got soo terrified. It was presumed that he was travelling in a dark 2011 Mazda 4-entryway, with Michigan plates EFM6569. It is suspected that the ruffian may be the young men father who is shocking to listen.

  The missing boy of  2-year-old: People’s Feedback

 As per the sources, it is said that no one has seen him unmistakably and he has abducted the kid cleverly without making any commotion. The kid can’t be found anywhere till yet, and officers are trying there best. They have even pated the banners of the kid to a great extent so he can be found virtually.

 The missing boy of  2-year-old: Officers Consideration

As indicated by the police, it is said that the youngster was seized from his home by Washington on W. Michigan Ave. in Lansing Township. The report was recorded on Monday morning. The police mentioned to illuminate them as quickly as time permits if any of the individuals saw them. Suppose you know of any suspect or piece of information, which can help police can contact the officials. 

The missing boy of  2-year-old: Department Information

As he was seen driving the dark vehicle, they are most presumably be found close to it. The family members and the other related individuals are additionally attempting to discover him. They are setting off to all there sources and their contacts to discover him. Any person gets any kind of signal or indication about the kidnapper must inform the officers in the police department. You can also note the department number that is 517-730-5855. Department added “As soon as possible try to reach out to the kid that might be in danger.