Throwback to the 2007 Georgia win with Sean Bailey, Career pathway, updates and everything you need to know.

Sean Bailey is an American footballer. Sean is an alumnus of the U.S all American Bowl Game. He is currently studying at the University of Georgia. He has actually played in all  11 games during the course of his sophomore year. This is some of the information we have about him; however, there is much more to know. Keep reading to find out.

The dogpile after a defining moment: Looking back to Georgia's 2007 win over Alabama | Sports | redandblack.com

About Sean Bailey:

He was born on December 6th, 1984(one day after my birthday, how cool is that?) in his hometown known as Alpharetta. His height is around six foot. The major he did is Real Estate. His weight is 174 kg, I believe. Now let’s talk about his achievements and get to know more about him. There are too many of his achievements, even to count how many are there. However, I shall tell you the highlights that happened. In 2003, he actually missed 5 games. It was because he got a severe injury and could not play.

In the year of 2004, on the annual spring G-day game, he made two receptions for a total of 20 yards. Let’s not forget to mention that he recorded 14 catches for 224 yards. It is including two in Kentucky. He caught his first career catch which was 21 yards. In the year of 2005 as well, on the annual G- spring day, Sean had caught two passes for 25 yards. The main major fact that I found impressive yet shocking is that he led Georgia with 78 receiving yards and two touchdowns. In 2006, he missed the whole year as he had a knee injury making it unable for him to play.

In the year of 2007, he made an appearance in not only one but 12 games. These 12 games are with 37 receptions for a total of 597 yards. In Spring drills, he went to a full 100%. He is known to be the best of the best, of course. Along with this, he managed to make three catches for 25 yards vs Kentucky and another three catches for 85 yards with a 55- yard reception at Georgia Tech. He also made one reception for 14 yards at Tennessee.

The dogpile after a defining moment: Looking back to Georgia's 2007 win over Alabama | Sports | redandblack.com

Sean’s career choice:

Last but not least, of course, he chose American football. How could he not? It was his passion, and as you can see, he actually made a lot of effort to get where he is today through all of these events. It is always a delightful thing to see people winning in their life! By winning, I do not mean small or big but just being happy and doing what they want without anybody stopping them. However, if somebody does stop you, then fight for it like it is a life and death situation.

Throwback to Georgia’s 2007 win:

This was the most iconic thing to ever read in history. I almost stumbled across laughing. Sean Bailey found a dogpile near him during the course of the game. It was absolutely hilarious to read and find across the internet. Unfortunately, there is no youtube video with him in it, so I can’t share anything regarding that.

Georgia’s win 2007

That’s it for today! I hope everyone had a great time laughing at it. At least I did. What? You didn’t laugh? C’mon, take a joke. Anyhow, that was interesting for even me to write on. Have a great day, and take care!