Interesting facts that you probably never knew about Susan Page, Updates, career choice and More.

Susan Page or Susan Lea Page is who we are talking about today. She is an American journalist and biographer. Along with this, she is the USA’s bureau chief. One of her parents is Robert Page. There were two passions that she religiously followed: one was music, and the other in journalism. It also seems along with being a journalist and biographer; she has come in a movie. Now, what is that movie about? Keep reading to find out.

Who is the moderator for the 2020 vice presidential debate: Susan Page - Vox

About Susan Page:

A Washington Bureau Chief, journalist, biographer and many more, that’s what she is. The movie’s name is namely Planet Earth. She has actually written two biographies. You should check them out. One of them is known as “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty” while the other is “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power”.

She sounds like the person who’s done everything(sounds kind of like me expect this isn’t about me, so let’s move on). February 12th,1951, is when she came into this world from her mother’s tummy. Her spouse or rather a husband is Carl Leubsdorf (1982 onwards). Somehow, I don’t think she has had any children.

Susan Page: Who is the moderator of the Vice President debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris? | The Independent

Susan’s career decision:

Please don’t ask what is her career because she keeps doing multiple jobs. One day she is a Washington Bureau Chief and the other day she will publish books of her own as biographies. So that question can be figured out by you.

Interesting facts about Susan Page:

Some facts about her include her contemplating the fact of whether she should be a musician. She had a passion for the oboe and decided to go ahead with this career, whatever you may call them or it. It seems she once said “only a journalist is conceivable” and what makes a person immobile. She can’t do anything else but journalism. What if she loses her job or wants to do something different but doesn’t have the knowledge for it? Susan Page, you have got to develop some hobbies, seriously. It also seems someone asked Susan to step down to become a moderator instead.

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Susan Page

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