The NBA ratings are slowly going down all of a sudden, Reason, why they are crucially important and more!

The NBA ratings are wrong time and time again. It has become super frustrating. “The NBA(National Basketball Academy) ratings have started declining from quite a time now. The NBA ratings going down is miserable to see as even critics are suffering from a viewership decrease.” This statement is what a concerned 4chan user said when asked about NBA ratings. It is super disappointing to see this happening. None of this was expected, and I don’t think it will ever be expected. How are the basketball players going to survive like this? They are also human. Hopefully one day all of this gets sorted and nothing will this will happen in the future.

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NBA ratings and their benefits

NBA stands for the National Basketball league and to have low ratings in the NBA that too in the finals. The commissioner of the NBA is Adam. NBA stands for National Basketball Academy. The news is very disappointing to him. Some of the people you may find who play or played NBA include Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and many many more. A rating going down means bad luck for the superstars.

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If NBA ratings go down, that means the views and popularity have gone down ever since the pandemic has started. They also returned to do games. It seems after a lot of research; I came to know that NBA ratings are 61% down and 27% of that has been from last season itself. NBA ratings going down is going to result in people getting kicked out of the NBA. It is likely to occur in our future as they don’t have the money actually to give the people their salary. This statement is the fact that the NBA ratings have started going down because of the pandemic. It’s like the epidemic doesn’t stop taking jobs. Goob job coronavirus! Thank you for literally, and I mean ruining our lives!


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