Amazon Prime Days are coming and SAGE is a great way for them to promote Amazon Prime, Find out more about what it is, what is amazon prime and more!

Amazon Prime Day will happen on October 13th-14th, so as I write it, it is the day. The only day. SAGE is getting recognition for it during these days. Amazon Prime is a paid membership that you can take from Amazon. It is a copy to copy sample of Netflix, no original ideas.  It is a platform where movies, TV series can be published. Amazon Prime was founded in 2007(when I was two years old). This meant that even in those times, the technology wasn’t half as bad to find out about Amazon Prime. What is SAGE? Continue reading to find out. Jeff Bezos is the one who founded Amazon Prime in the wonderful place of Bellevue, Washington, US. This was on July 5th,1994.

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SAGE and Amazon Prime

SAGE is for elderly care. They will be rendering services to the elderly such as having fed on wheelchairs. Yes, wheelchairs, you read it precisely. They will also provide services like HomeCare. Nevertheless, you still have to choose Amazon Smile and then elect for the Elderly care. It is a great initiative that has taken place, and I hope everyone can participate in it.

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It is ludicrous. Even though Amazon Smile is donating some of your money, which is 0.5%, it is most likely that it wouldn’t be enough of a number to donate. Ever thought about the people who don’t have money? Or those who don’t want to pay? Did you consider them, at least? No.Any idea about those who don’t know how to use the app? That is how considerate you are. Never thinking about other people’s feelings.

Now amazon prime is a platform like Netflix, I believe. It is a platform where movies and series are displayed. Let’s not mention that it is paid. Don’t they have a better way to earn a profit? Make people return for it and then utilize it all for your luxury items.

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