iPhone 12 is supposed to come out soon, Find out more about the Release Date, Price, Features and more!

iPhone 12 is set to come out very very soon, and I’m sure we will not be disappointed. This is because we have had multiple series before like the iPhone 3 and so on.iPhone is from the Apple Industry. The Apple Industry is huge and has actually been founded by three people – Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. I’m sure none of us ever knew that there was someone other than Steve Jobs who founded Apple.

The iPhone 12 Mini Marks the Triumphant Return of the Good Small Phone | WIRED

iPhone 12: Release Date

It’s almost time for the most awaited phone this year. Yes, it is the iPhone 12. Only one week left for the baby to come out. By October 16th, you can start pre-ordering it. How cool is that? However, it will come out on October 23rd itself. You not only have just the iPhone 12 but you have the iPhone 12 mini. Don’t be so excited; the mini version has two months left for it actually to come out so you can keep waiting. Though do remember that by November 6th, you can start pre-ordering it and by November 11th it will be out in stores.

iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max Launched: Price in India, Specifications | Technology News

iPhone 12: Features

It has quite a few amazing features. Want to hear them? Cool, let me list them down. 1. It has five colours. All of them being red, green, white, black and blue. The green is light, not too dark at all. It’s one of the most lightweight and thin phones that you may find its history. Carry it anywhere, and you won’t be able to tell that there’s a phone in your pocket.

3. Put more and more water on it, no it won’t go bad, don’t worry. Why is that the case? This is because it has spillage resistance. So most likely it will survive in a pool of water(not sure so kids don’t try it at home). 4. All corners have something known as aluminium edges, this could prevent it from getting extremely scratched. 5. There are many more features as well such as it having a ceramic shield. This will stop the damage that happens if it falls. Now, the most dreadful part to read. The price.

iPhone 12: Price

For the iPhone 12, the price is 3,399 dirhams. Can you get phones that are hundred times cheaper? Definitely. In contrast, you will get phones for than a quarter of that price. Nothing more than that and nothing less than that(of course). The mini is a little bit cheaper but to be fair, it is cheaper by 300 to 400 dirhams. Not much. This converted in dollars would be anywhere below $1000 but according to me, that is a LOT of money. So think wisely before buying it.

Otterbox’s iPhone cases

This company is known as Otterbox and is selling iPhone 12 cases. So I would highly recommend you to go and see their cases when you buy iPhone 12(if you do). It will be really helpful and for your betterment, I have put up the link for their website above so you can check them and have fun.

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