Guardiola hopes Bernando Silva to come good this Premier League season, Read more to find out everything!

Hey! football fans. The entire world is currently gushing and drooling on the Portuguese footballer, Bernando Silva. Manchester City Manager Guardiola is all set to back Bernando Silva this season. Silva is all ready to give a powerful comeback performance on the field. Let’s take a look at what Pep Guardiola has to say about the brightest and talented, Bernando Silva.

Manchester City Manager Guardiola has full faith in Silva

In today’s time, Bernando Silva is one of the brightest players. He is having a great form now, and all it needs is sheer hard work and the right opportunities. Guardiola is confident that Silva will be witnessing a strong game this season for the club. The last 2019-2020 season was not precisely satisfactory and below the belt as far as Silva’s performance concerned.

However, the good news is always waiting around the corner for the bright players. Recently, Silva scored a top goal for Portugal against Sweden in Nation’s League. Before the recent game, the Portuguese midfielder’s form was undervalued and questioned by many. Bernando Silva was involved in making 13 goals for Manchester in the earlier season. In the 2018-19’s game, Silva got involved in creating 71 chances, including assists but somehow dropped from 71 to 51 in the last season. Every great player who has ever gone down in history has had their fair share of ups and downs. But rest assured, bright players like Silva don’t stop making headlines ever!

Manchester City Manager Guardiola even said that Bernando Silva is an extraordinary football player. Pep Guardiola said he never had any doubts about this man’s excellent game form. Furthermore, Bernando Silva has won four domestic titles with his excellent game performance and became the best player for Portugal at the UEFA Nations League Finals.

The latest Match update with Arsenal

Currently, Manchester is in the 14th position in the current Premier League 2020-2021. The City secured three points from the three opening games. Pep Guardiola also mentioned that he is very excited for Silva this season. He believes that Silva will have a great season, and he’s coming prepared to deliver lots more than what we have seen before. Enthusiasm and spirits are all high right now, and we hope Silva shows his best form this season.

Pep Guardiola even mentioned to the reporters that sometimes the players are overstressed, drained mentally and physically, affecting the performance. It is natural and not uncommon to expect a lot from players, especially Bernando Silva. He even said that Silva started very stressed and struggled a lot, but things will turn around for him as he nails this season’s performance. Lastly, Pep Guardiola said that the Premier League is one of the best for football. The players get around three to four months’ break. It is that time when the players practice a lot of other games and rejuvenate. The next match is with the Arsenal. That’s all that matters now. Keep reading, and we will be updating you with more information on what’s happening on and off the field.