A lover turned into a Cannibal killer, stabs ex-girlfriend before COOKING and EATING her brain and heart.

Do you know what cannibalism is? Have you seen, or are you interested in watching human cannibalism documentaries? Well, in simpler terms, cannibalism is consuming another individual. Yes, another living individual of the same species as food. How hungry can you be? It is not funny, in fact; recently, a cannibal killer got convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend. Beware of who you date, people! Read more to find what more this cannibal killer did.

Joseph Oberhansley, the Cannibal killer:

On Tuesday, Joseph Oberhansley was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton. The case went to trial in 2014 when Joseph killed her, and that’s not all he did. The judge granted life imprisonment to Joseph without parole.

According to the reports, Joseph Oberhansley killed Tammy Jo Blanton in her own home in Clark County. Tammy, found mutilated in her own bathroom, is still the most fearsome sight to behold. Blanton was supposedly hiding in her bathroom when Joseph broke in and entered her home’s back door. Joseph even confessed to kicking and forcing his way into her bathroom. After a lot of struggle, Joseph attacked and stabbed his ex Tammy Blanton in cold blood right in her bathroom. The entire picture of the incident is entirely and utterly gruesome and sickening. The extent of cruelty and insanity is outrageous. Again, this is not all folks. Killing her did not satiate his grudge. He then cooked and ate pieces of her heart and brain. Love and revenge indeed know no boundaries.

A classic example is Joseph Oberhansley, who brutally stabbed and murdered his ex, Tammy Jo Blanton. A lover turned into a cannibal killer. Beware, ladies! Love is capable of making people do unimaginable things. However, after confessing to his grisly crimes, Joseph also mentioned something strange. He said two other black men broke in, stabbed Tammy Blanton. They also knocked Joseph down, rendering him unconscious. Joseph Oberhansley stood twice for the trial, and he was claimed unfit twice by the court. He was under clinical treatment. According to doctors, Joseph has signs of Schizophrenia. Even the clinical experts called to the trail said the same about Joseph. That’s all for now, folks!