Texas police officer charged in death of black man who was footballer!! Here’s all the information about the incident!

In a small East Texas town, a police officer shoots an innocent black man; as a result, the policeman got arrested in case of murder. The black man was a footballer, motivational speaker, trainer, professional athlete and community advocate named Jonathan Price. He was just 31 years old.

Shooting a black man: Names of police and man

The police officer named r Shaun Lucas, who was 22 years old shoot him while the fight at the gas station between a woman and man. It was a domestic flight.

Shooting a black man: Whole incident

Explaining the whole incident in short .the officer responded to the call, which was about a fight. Officer Lucas contacted the price. He got involved in the fight. Officer Lucas strive to hold up the price, But he makes the non-threatening position and started walking away. The incident shows that he is the culprit, but he was not.
Office Lucas uses his Taser and then fired his weapon upon price.

Price was taken to the hospital as soon as possible, but he could not make it, and he died there. Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said that he raised his hands and attempted to explain what was going on. The statement said” “The preliminary investigation indicates that the actions of Officer Lucas were not (objectively) reasonable,”. Lucas got into the Hunt County Jail.

Shooting a black man: Reaction of people

This whole incident made people angry, outrageous, exasperated, shocked. They demand justice in return. The people got against the justice and the demonstration seeking justice against the police action towards the killing of not only black man but George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rashard Brooks.

Shooting a black man: Statement of police

When the jail records show, it shows that bail got set at $1 million. Police didn’t tell or make any announcement regarding the disturbance. But f=from his family and friends we got to know a lot of things. They said football player was interceding in a domestic disturbance when he got shot by the officer Lucas.