Hurricane Laura surge was one for the record books caused a lot of damage!! Here’s all details you need to know!

Hurrican Laura is one of the dangerous calamities which has 150 mph winds. It happens in Cameron, Louisiana on Thursday at 1 am. It comes under the category of one of the most damaging surges Category 4 hurricane.

Hurricane Laura surge: about

It was said to bring “life-threatening hazards” and an “unsurvivable storm surge”. Hurricane-force winds also spread well inland into portions of eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

Hurricane Laura surge: The National Hurricane Center

According to The National Hurricane Center (NHC), it is due to the significant changes in the climate. They also said we got the warning in the form of disturbance in the Sabine Pass, Texas to Port Fourchon. We should immediately get alert because these signs mean dangerous flood threatening.

According to NHC, it is the second-worst hurricane surge which occurred in Louisiana. Researchers and scientist of NHC also find that the height of waters in the Rutherford Beach, Louisiana, southeast of Lake Charles reached at the height of 17.2 feet above the ground.

The first hurricane got recorded at the height of 27.8 feet in the Katrina produced in 2005, which is a dangerous one. It also caused many damages to life. They said if the storm maintains the high-speed t would be one of the strongest storms ever to hit the US south coast.

Hurricane Laura surge: damage caused

People who live near this coast are still in danger. They should take proper measures, evacuation and the instructions provided to them. This storm cost the death of around 42 in us. On southwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas, it caused about $10 billion in damages.

Because of this Half, a million people leave their homes for their safety.
Well build and cemented house incur significant damage, tress got damaged. The electricity and the water supply was not there for a few days. I hope all the people of residents are safe and the hurricane surge does not cause any significant harm