“Amazon Prime Days”: What are some of the “BEST” gaming mouse deals you will find? Find out more about what is amazon prime and much more!

Amazon prime is a platform that is exactly like Netflix. You can watch some of your favourite movies and series. All of them that you could ever think of in your mind. What is amazon prime, and how is it useful? Keep reading to find out more.

Amazon Prime Video finally gets Profiles just like Netflix

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime, as mentioned before, is a platform that gives you movies and series. However, even though I said, “all of them you could ever think of,” that’s not the case. I and I have not been able to find MOST of the movies that I wanted to watch.

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Luckily, it’s not that expensive, so you can take a subscription if you don’t have Netflix. It is only about 129 rupees in India, which is roughly seven dirhams(if you are living in the UAE(United Arab Emirates)).

As for Dubai, it is about 12 to 16 dirhams. It shows that in many countries, including Dubai, they make it ten times expensive to another place. In this case, India is five to nine dirhams cheaper. I could buy more than ten bottles of water with that money.

Second of all, yes, Netflix is more expensive, you say. It is because they provide you with all movies and series that you can not find elsewhere. Netflix is 29 dirhams for a basic plan and 39 dirhams for the standard package. It is if you want to watch two screens at the same time. I don’t know why you would need the thing to do two screens simultaneously, but yes if someone in your family is using your account as well, it would be cheaper this way.

What are some of the best gaming mouse deals?

Do you want to do gaming on a tight budget? Then this week’s deals are for you.


Okay, so I have checked some of the deals, and it is rubbish! The gaming mouse is sold for $45, which is 165 whole dirhams while in Dubai if you come, it is 59 dirhams being only $16. Yes, it is that cheap and the fact that there they sold it for $60 once upon a time, is completely ridiculous.

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