“800 Years Ago, Old Faithful Went Quiet”! Soon, it might happen again. Read to find out more!!

Have you ever heard about the Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful? If you didn’t, let me take you on a quick tour of this famous cone geyser set in the Yellowstone National Park, United States. Keep reading to find out more exciting news about the Old Faithful.

Old Faithful has an anomalous geothermal activity that let it spurt up at regular intervals. The Old Faithful has forever been punctual with the phenomenal hot water and steam bursts, but recently the scientists have recorded that the Old Faithful might not be after all faithful. After careful observations over the last few decades, scientists have gathered that the Old Faithful’s interval between the eruptions (IBEs) has significantly changed, stretching from about 60–65 minutes in the 1950s to around 90–94 minutes since 2001.

Strange, isn’t it? But so is every magnanimous creature of nature.

To investigate the matter and determine the cause for such a change, the researchers from the Geological Survey (USGS) collected remnants of mineralized wood from around Old Faithful sites. That is not all. What is more strange is that the Old Faithful was barren of any vegetation and growth in today’s time because of the alkaline-rich discharge. But after carefully analyzing a wood sample decades ago, there was possibly some growth around the active geyser.

To end this mystery once and for all, the researchers began evaluating 13 mineralized samples from the Old Faithful’s mound. The evidence with radiocarbon suggested that the trees grew around 1233 to 1362 CE. As the world is becoming hotter and drier owing to climatic change, the eruptions of the Old Faithful may vary in the future too. The Old Faithful renamed as the ‘Eternity’s Timepiece’ may undergo some changes, but the ticking won’t stop. Climate changes and decreased precipitation indicate severe droughts and large fires by mid-century, leading to a massive transformation in the Old Faithful’s ecosystem.