“Rick Ross or William Roberts II”: How did he come about the rapping career? Find out more about who he is, what he does for a living and much more!

William Leonard Roberts II or Rick Ross as we may call him is one amazing rapper you will come across. From Hustlin’ to Nobody’s Favourite, you have all varieties you could think off. He was born on January 28th,1976, which means he’s 44 years old. Not only does he have some excellent rapping skills, but he is an entrepreneur, songwriter and a record executive.

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Who is he?

He was born in Mississippi while being raised in Florida. He not only graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School but he attended a college which was historically meant for black people. The name of his college is – Albany State Uni.

When actually starting his rapping career, he derived and changed his name “Rick Ross” from “Freeway” who was a former drug kingpin, and he had absolutely zero connection to “Freeway” what so ever.

It’s not like rapping has been the only job for him since he could ever count. In December 1995, he actually worked as a correctional officer for 18 months before he resigned from the job. He did this for him to be able to go ahead with pursuing rap.

Also, he was actually arrested for gun and marijuana charges, not only that but he made a comment stating that he would and did not sign a female rapper as he would end up messing with her and messing the business up which is completely ridiculous. He did apologize, but a sorry doesn’t erase everything.

What is his career?

He has many careers while keeping rapping as his main priority while being a record executive and songwriter, helps him to understand music a thousand times better. He can technically do all of the work like creating the song and producing it, and a cameraman, of course.

Rick Ross' Net Worth in 2020

What is his net worth look like?

He makes a total of $40 million which I am assuming would be used for his drugs and he wouldn’t even care if he got arrested n number of times. This shows irresponsibility and carelessness, so I hope he’s learned from his mistakes and I’m sure we could all too. Like always I hope the $40 million goes for good causes and not something like pursuing drugs again.