Former WWE champ Alberto Del Rio indicted on kidnapping and sexual assault charges!! Here’s all you need to know!!

Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan is famously popular in the field of wrestling and martial artist. He is a professional Mexican American professional wrestler and wrestler promoter. He is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE who has won many matches.

Alberto Del Rio: Career

He comes under the ring which got named as Alberto del Rio. He also comes under the impact of wrestling under the ring named Alberto el Patron. His spouse name was Angela Velkie. Before returning in 2015, he left the wrestling and joined the impact wrestling.

Alberto del Rio: Assaulting

According to the NBC and Attorney’s office in the district of Texas, the Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan got arrested in charge of sexual assault and the kidnapping. He was in charge of sexual assault, and then after five months, he got assaulted in the case of kidnapping. He got arrest in San Antonio due to these charges. This happens in may 3,2020.

Alberto del Rio: Justice

According to the law, if he charges found right, he will be imprisoned for around 20 years. The attorney also refused to make further comments on this case after saying that the Family Violence Division carries out the case in the 226th District Court.

Alberto del Rio: details

The woman also said he threatened her by saying that he will harm her son and left him in the midway of road. He forced her to wear a particular dress sand dance for him she added. The woman said he slapped her many times and bind her hands with boxing straps and assault her sexually. She also said he leaves her unable to breathe as he put kind off stock stuff in her mouth.

There were proofs of this .the police got images of the injured face, neck, arms and legs of the woman. She told the police that he attacked her after she said no for the adultery and forced her to not to tell anyone about this as he will spoil her life if she does so.