TSM knocked out of Worlds 2020 after crippling loss to Fnatic!! The journey of TSM come to an end!

Playing games is slowly emerging from a leisure time activity to a professional pocket filling career. Playing a game is no more a time-wasting hobby. Now, It is something that can give you tremendous Name, Fame, and money. You can be a professional game tester, YouTube Gaming Star, or can take part in any Official tournament and can make Millions.

Riot games an American game developer company organise an esport tournament every year naming The league of legends. It is a significant esport tournament for any game professional or lover to earn millions as a winning prize. The total number of teams varies each year.

2020′ eSports tournament is full of close encounters. The 22 participating teams are giving their best, to be the best.

Recently one of the Team TSM Lost their one more game against Fnatic and are about to disqualify from the league.

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Details: TSM V/S Fnatic

In the recent edition of the Riot game’ league of champions, Andy Dinh’ team solo mid, also known by their nickname TMS takes on the United Kingdom originated professional Esport Team Fnatic. The clash was quite gripping, and the encounter was a close one.

The TMS is already mathematically eliminated from the group C. TMS earlier in this league lost to Fnatic, GEN.G, LGD and now with the second lost against Fnatic, mathematically eradicated the team. In the present opening challenge, TSM stayed nearby right off the bat in a moderately moderate game; however, Fnatic takes the lead later. Around the 17-minute imprint, Fnatic tore things open with a game-changing monster take and team fight triumph, consequently tossing TSM’s all out of options. Only eight minutes after the lead, Fnatic had assembled gold lead well over 11k, vanquishing TSM in only 25 minutes.

This year was the first time when the TSM has even reach the world championship. The performance of the team is something that is making the officials tensed about the future of the organisation. GEN.G and fanatic will be facing each other to qualify for the knockouts.


TMS need to wait till next year for their next appearance. We all hope for a healthy and competitive TMS.