“Hurricane Delta” leaves more than 100K southeast texas!! Customer in the dark, 2020 continues!

Nature can either be our best friend or the worst enemy. It will either play for us or play with us. The bad year of 2020 is a collection of the worst nightmares of the Sapiens. All the bad omens are breaking us one after another. Natural calamities like cyclone, Hurricane, Flood and others are hitting the globe’s coast aggressively.

The social technology’ advancement is at a Next level but not strong enough to cope up with Nature’ Anger.

We can witness the recent example of Nature’ Aggression in southern Texas. The Hurricane Delta strike the coast of Southern Texas and destroy everything that comes in his path.

Read the article to the last to know more about the Hurricane Delta.

Details: Hurricane Delta

On Friday, southern Texas got hit by one more hurricane after a week of Hurricane laura. The fasting moving winds with black clouds cover the whole south Texas and the turn the day into night. Delta was a Category 2 hurricane when it hit the gulf, but soon after an hour it turned week and became a category one hurricane. The high-speed wind of the storm nearly destroys Texas, with landfalls around Creole, Louisiana. The storm brings heavy rainfall with power cut for around 350,000 peoples.

The Delta hit approximately every sector of southern Texas. After a hit by the level 4 Hurricane, the south of Texas was already destroyed and required 4-5 Weeks for rehabilitation. Recently, the storm surged through the Mexican hotel territories of Cozumel and Cancun where it made a few roads breakdown and took out capacity to countless homes and organisations.


According to the National Hurricane Center, delta will become more slow and weak in the coming days. The current wind speed is 75-80mph, and it continues to slow.

Let’s pray for the peoples of Southern Texas and stay tuned.