Grand Rapids recognises Monday as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”!! New bill pass in the assembly!

The whole globe is full of diversity. Every continent, country and the state is consist of peoples of different languages and cultures. The Native peoples of every place should get their rights and priority within the region. It’s a right of every native people of any part to prioritise by the governing body of that region. Those native peoples are the one who saves and expands the culture and the heritage of the area.


Recently a big proclamation happens in one of the small towns of the United States.

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Proclamation 2020: Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a small Region of United States which locate on the Grand Lake. It is the second-largest city located in Michigan State.

It is a traditional land of Native Americans and a leading furniture manufacturing city. This city is full of diversity. Rapids perfectly blend with diverse traditions and Cultures.

The Columbus Day celebrated every year on the second Monday of the October Month in the Rapids. It often criticises by the Native peoples of the region as the Columbus is the one who forcefully enslaves many Native American peoples.

Slavery considers as one of the most disrespectful acts in the history of the globe. The criticism of the Columbus day is reasonable.

A bill was present in the assembly of Michigan last year. The statement was clearly about the abolishment of the Columbus day. The indigenous day will celebrate on the place of it.

Last year the Governor of the state Gretchen Whitmer abolished the Columbus day.

The Mayor of the Grand Rapids Recently signs the proclamation of changing the Colombus day as Indigenous day. The city of Grand Rapids’ report says it doesn’t perceive Columbus Day any longer. Columbus Day will celebrate as the indigenous day on every second Monday of October. It urges to the people living in the Rapids to “consider the progressing battles of Indigenous People on their land. It also praises them for flourishing society.