Halloween comes to Overwatch: as October 31 draws closer numerous video games are launching their fall season updates.

Halloween comes to Overwatch

Halloween comes to Overwatch: as October 31 draws closer numerous video games are launching their fall season updates. These updates may include permanent changes to dialogue or story. Technical fixes might also be such as correcting bug-ridden software or rebalancing the character’s abilities. However, the biggest changes that are included for the fall season in most video games are Halloween themes. Each year, videogame producers, specifically online multiplayer games, will modify their games to reflect Halloween season. This is not insignificant program modification usually consists of visual effects. Specifically, modifying the game maps, ability effects, and the character skins to project a spooky theme. Additionally, the Halloween update usually centers around a special terror filled event. Blizzard entertainment is no exception to this tradition, as it brings Halloween to Overwatch.


When and what

As Halloween makes its towards Overwatch fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of what to expect. This included, the exact time blizzard entertainment was going to launch the hollowing update. Both of these questions were answered recently when blizzard entertainment revealed the event trailer. As is the nature of all trailers it only hints at answers for most of the fan’s questions. However, it has confirmed the launch date and how long Halloween will come to Overwatch. Specifically, overwatch is Halloween event will last from Tuesday October 13th to Tuesday November 3rd.

The trailer also revealed some of the new character skins available for the update. It is clear that the games producers and programmers a lot of effort into this update/event skins. From up to be seen in the trailer they moved seamlessly with no noticeable flaws. Also, they all share one thing in common from character to character. That’s not to say that the skins are not unique, each one definitely is. Specifically, though from the dozen or so visible in the trailer each skin appears to be opposite of normal skin. For example, if the character is a super technical ace pilot of a super modern robot, they reversed it. Now the character skin would look more like a mystical spirit piloting a robot version of Frankenstein lab.

Other information


As Halloween comes to Overwatch and blizzard entertainment announces more information a few other details were revealed. Specifically, the hollowing event is free to play and be enjoyed by all players. However, the hollowing skins for the characters are not and must be purchased to use during and after the event. Additionally, the specifics of the events have not been revealed, except that it will be full of terror. So, at this point, fans will have to wait and see if it is a completely new campaign. On the other hand, it could just be a scavenger through Halloween themed Max. Regardless, fans can’t wait until Halloween comes to Overwatch for 2020.