Hartford Athletic Preps For Their First-ever Playoff Game: COVID-19 Restricts Fan Count Capacity

Hartford Athletic continues to prep for their first ever playoff game against the St. Louis FC> Mayor Luke Bronin said this about the team: “We’re so proud of this team, (and) so proud of what they’ve built and accomplished in such a short period of time.” However, not all is pomp and circumstance: the Dillon Stadium will not run at full capacity due to COVID-19. The stadium where the Hartford Athletic game will be playing will open at 40% capacity for tonight, according to Bronin.

Bronin said this concerning the restrictions: “The state requirements would have allowed it up to 50 (% capacity) but at a local level, we dropped that down to 40%.

Hartford Athletic Chairman Brue Mandell had this to say about the restrictions as well, “We’re able to get up to 40% and I think it’s going to sound like 140% tonight.”

It is said that fire officials will be there to help at the game for social distancing, Bronin said. Additionally, attendees are being forced to wear masks within the stadium grounds. Mandel said he is grateful, and the team is as well, that the support of fans has not wavered during the challenges that COVID-19 pandemic has presented.

“To our twelfth man, as they call it in soccer, our fans and our supporters, who’ve supported us through this really challenging time, for everybody here in the state of Connecticut and the city of Hartford, they’ve been incredible. And tonight, once again, we’re gonna show that we can come together as a city and as a state and enjoy some fantastic professional soccer and get a win,” Mandell said.

A press conference was held earlier Saturday with Hartford Athletic chairman and Mayor Luke Bronin.

Bronin said, “Because of what they’ve done, I get to put on this Hartford Athletic 2020 playoff hat and celebrate everything they’ve built so far and cheer them on to a great victory, we hope, tonight. For an outdoor venue with those precautions in place, we feel comfortable about the measures we’ve taken together with the Hartford Athletic just as we have throughout this season here and we’re looking forward to a great game on a beautiful night.”


The long awaited game will kick off at 7pm.